Brewer FAQ

Brewer Troubleshooting
Problem Solution
Brewer stops mid-cycle Descale your brewer
Brewer takes longer than usual Descale your brewer
Grounds in coffee Use a taller filter to keep the grounds in the filter basket
Water leaking from bottom of brewer Please proceed to our warranty support page 
Water is not flowing into filter or carafe Please proceed to our warranty support page
Thermal carafe leaks Vacuum seal is likely damaged, please proceed to our warranty support page
Water trapped in walls of thermal carafe Vacuum seal is likely damaged, please proceed to our warranty support page


Q:  How often should I descale my Bonavita brewer?

A:  We recommend descaling the brewer at least once every 100 uses. If you have hard water, descaling more often is recommended. We recommend using a good quality biodegradable and phosphate-free coffee machine descaler. (Please note: Descaler should not be confused with Cleaner. They serve different purposes.) Descaler is designed to break down mineral buildup inside your brewer to ensure great coffee and consistent functionality. Follow the descaler manufacturer instructions for use. (We do not recommend using vinegar to clean or descale your brewer. Vinegar may not effectively descale your brewer, and can be difficult to rinse thoroughly. Vinegar may also leave behind an odor that can impact the flavor of your coffee.)

If your brewer is steaming more than usual, it is time to descale.  

Product Material and Manufacture FAQs

Q:  Is the plastic BPA-Free?

A:  Yes, all plastic components are BPA-Free.


Q:  What is the heating element made of?

A:  The heating element is made of copper encased in aluminum and the tubing is made of aluminum, similar to espresso machines. 


Q:  What type of plastic is the water chamber made of?

A:  The tank material is BPA-Free Polycarbonate.


Coffee Filter Recommendations
 Brewers  Filters
1900 series 8-12 Cup Flat Bottom Paper Filters or Reusable Flat Bottom Filter




#4 Coffee Filter Paper Cone or Reusable Cone Filter


Product Use FAQ

Q:  Why is brewing taking longer than the recommended 6 minutes?

A:  Your geographic area may affect your brew time. Below are a few tips that may help you understand your particular situation:

  • 6 minutes is measured at 120V. In California and the Northeast your line voltage can be as low as 104V.
  • The lower the voltage line the slower the brew.
  • Count total time, beginning when the water first comes out of the shower head, not when you turn on the switch. It can take up to 12 seconds for the heating element to heat the water enough to begin the brew cycle and release water from the shower head. 
  • If lower voltage is not the case, it might be time to descale the brewer.


Q:  Why is the coffee not hot?

A:  Our automatic brewers are designed to brew a full carafe of coffee at 195-205°F. Once coffee comes in contact with air, the temperature will decrease significantly. Immediately after brewing a full carafe, the temperature in the carafe is typically 175-185°F. Brewing a smaller batch or brewing at higher elevations may result in a lower temperature. 


Q:  Why isn't the water coming out of all of the holes in the shower head?

A:  To ensure the shower head is working as designed, please remove the tank lid and shower head, then replace the shower head, ensuring that it is pressed down as far as possible. Also ensure the brewer is placed on a completely flat surface. For a demonstration using the 1800 series brewer, please watch this video by Roastmasters Coffee: 1800 series demo.

Please Note: The shower head is designed to allow an even distribution of water. However, the brewer is not pressurized, so the amount of water brewing through each hole is not regulated. The holes located in the center of the shower head usually distribute throughout the brew cycle and the outside holes alternate. The water will cover the entire filter basket and rise slightly above the grounds, allowing for an even extraction.


Q:  Why does my brewer have a strong plastic taste/smell, even after several uses?

A:  This is normal for newly manufactured plastic. If it remains after several uses, please use a good quality biodegradable and phosphate-free coffee machine descaler to clean the brewer. If this doesn't remove the smell/taste, we will replace the brewer.    


Q:  Are replacement and accessory parts available?

A:  Replacement parts and accessories are available for purchase through Espresso Supply. If you cannot locate the part you need, please email us at


Q:  Can I use a thermal carafe with my coffee brewer that has a warming plate?

A:  No, thermal carafes are not compatible with a warming plate. 


Q:  Can I use a glass carafe with my thermal carafe coffee brewer?

A:  Yes. We have Double Walled Glass Carafes available for purchase: BV61500CAD Bonavita 5-Cup Double Walled Glass Carafe  &  BV61900CAD Bonavita 8-Cup Double Walled Glass Carafe 


Q:  Can I purchase a thermal carafe that is glass lined?

A:  The glass lined thermal carafe has been discontinued and is no longer available.