Frequently Asked Questions: Bonavita Kettles

Q:  What is the minimum amount of water you can boil in the 1L kettle?

A:  10 ounces (300ml) is the least amount of water recommended to boil in then 1L electric kettle.


Q:  What is the minimum amount of water you can boil in the 1.7L kettle?

A:  30 ounces


Q:  The temperature display on the Variable Temperature Kettle is fluctuating over/under 10-15 degrees. Is this normal?

A:  No, the kettle is defective. Please complete our warranty claim form to receive a replacement. 


Q:  What is the diameter of teh standard stove-top kettle?

A:  Approximately 5 3/4 inches


Q:  The kettle never reached more than 93 degrees Celsius, either with manual or preset settings. What should I do?

A:  If you are at an elevation of 3000 feet or higher, this is normal as water boils at a much lower temperature of 93 degrees Celsius, which is 199 degrees Farenheit. If you are below 3000 feet, you may have a defective kettle. If this is the case, please complete our warranty claim form to receive a replacement. 


Q:  Is the bottom of the standard stove top kettle flat?

A:  Yes


Q:  Is the standard kettle suitable for induction?

A:  Yes, it can be used with induction, gas or electric stovetops. 


Q:  What is the clicking sound on my electrical or variable temperature kettle?

A:  The clicking is an electrical relay that keeps the temperature from going past the set point. 


Q:  Are the bases for the 1 liter and 1.7 liter variable temperature kettles interchangable?

A:  Yes


Q:  Are the bases for the 1 liter standard and variable temperature kettles interchangeable?

A:  No


Q:  Can you buy a kettle without the electrical base?

A:  No, we currently only sell the kettles as a set with the base. 


Q:  Is the plastic used in the kettles BPA free?

A:  Yes


Q:  Why is the kettle leaking near the switch?

A:  It is possible it is being overfilled. If not, please complete the warranty claim form to receive a replcement.  


Q:  Why is my variable temperature kettle is not retaining memory after being unplugged?

A:  The kettles manufactured during the first production run do not retain memory when unplugged. If desired, we will replace your first production kettle with a newer model that retains memory. 


Q:  Why is my kettle display showing HI ERR?

A:  This error message indicates that the kettle reached boiling point before reaching the set temperature. This is common in higher elevations. If you are not in a higher altitude, the kettle is likely defective.