Brewing in Small Spaces

Brewing in Small Spaces by Bonavita

Small space, meet freshly brewed coffee…

Like many living in the great city of Seattle (or any metropolitan city for that matter!), students and young professionals may wake up one day to realize their living space is a little smaller than average. Maybe even smaller than they prefer. You may feel a strong and compelling urge to downsize. But where to start? If you’re like us, every great day starts with freshly brewed coffee. Coffee is always a great place to start.

You may be surprised to hear that you can have your own personal coffee station, even in your smaller than average home. Small space, meet the Bonavita 5-Cup Brewer! If you’re tight on counter space, don’t feel bad about putting this lil’ guy on a shelf or in a cabinet when not in use. We’ve prepped every 5-Cup Brewer for the life of organization and storage – they totally understand.

For those that require a little more storability, an AeroPress or coffee dripper, hand grinder and small kettle can be perfect space savers. To brew coffee, simply add your favorite mug, one filter, your favorite freshly ground coffee and hot water. In no time the freshly brewed aroma will fill your small space like a bustling coffee shop – no tip required.

Versatility can be key for small spaces, and kettles can be quite versatile. Even for those that aren’t keen on coffee, at its most basic form a kettle is a vessel for boiling water – and you need boiling water to create basic forms of sustenance. Instant soups, rice, tea, hot cocoa and even eggs benefit from the heated water a kettle can offer!

What it all boils down to is no matter the size, every home should be filled with the essentials for a happy and full life. Items that can be easily stored, or used in multiple ways can make living in a smaller space more enjoyable and clutter-free.

So before you call your local Feng Shui expert - stop! And take time to smell the freshly brewed coffee.