Bonavita's Summertime Drink Recipes

Bonavita Summer Drinks

Guilty pleasure, or just plain delicious? Whether it's comforting coffee or energizing green tea, these refreshing summertime cocktails aim to keep the caffeine a'flowin, while taking some of the guilt out of these summertime pleasures. 

Say it with us: Chocolate. Coffee. Stout. Three words so appealing on their own, even Pavlov's dog won't need training to salivate at the mention of this concoction. However, with just two sugar cubes, two espresso shots worth of coffee, four ounces of stout and two small tablespoons of chocolate sauce, one can easily keep this treat out of the guilty zone. Although, feel free to take it over the edge with a generous helping of chocolate gelato - we insist! 

Bonavita Chocolate Coffee Stout Recipe Card

If light and refreshing is the way to your heart, meet Bonavita's Green Tea Mojito and Green Tea Sangria! Many have researched and touted the health benefits of green tea, so it makes sense to add this healthy sipper to a less than healthy mixer. However, with just two teaspoons of added sugar in the Mojito, and the contents of a small fruit salad added to the Sangria, we're pretty sure health wins both rounds! Or, at least that's what we like to tell ourselves...

Bonavita Green Tea Mojito Recipe Card Bonavita Green Tea Sangria Recipe Card

Keep these recipes handy to impress your cocktail loving friends, or for a not-so-guilty pleasure for one. Compliments of Bonavita.